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Frequently Asked Questions


Searching for the right developer

Candidly applies a probability score to each developer that is matched to your search to increase the chances of the developer accepting an invitation and, ultimately, getting hired. Salary plays a big part in the final decision for both the employer and the developer, so Candidly will assign a low probability score if the gap between the proposed and expected salary is too far apart. You can choose to set the visibility of this field as either private or public in the search filters.

The remote working revolution has been thrust upon us and enabled developers to work from anywhere in the world and Candidly search filters ensure you connect with the right Software Developers by providing the following options:
  1. Willing to sponsor: Allows you to see all developers in our database that have the skills you are looking for, but are not currently eligible to work in your country of residence.
  2. Remote: Displays all developers eligible to work in your country of residence.
  3. Office: Includes only those developers within travelling distance of the location selected, and are eligible to work in your country of residence.

Candidly wants to match you to developers who have the highest probability of being invited to apply for a role. We prioritize those developers who are the closest match to your search criteria, and then rank them further based on how confident we are in the accuracy of their profile.
Choosing the right developer

Candidly is the first platform to offer zero-bias screening for employers that ensures that every developer is initially considered based solely on their programming skills. We only provide the personal details of any developer, including access to their resume, once they’ve granted us permission by accepting your invitation to apply for a position.

Developers engage with custom-built, multiple-choice challenges within our mobile app to pre-verify their programming skills. The greater their engagement, the more confidence we assign to the programming skill being challenged.

Candidly’s unique multi-layered verification process uses multiple data points over time to build an accurate representation of a developer’s knowledge in a programming skill. This approach is designed to identify their understanding of a topic, rather than their ability to just answer an individual question. Furthermore, by creating a baseline of a developers’ answers, we’re able to identify anomalies in their response patterns and delay verification of those skills until we have more reliable data.

Candidly gives developers the opportunity to select their level of skill, but their level of engagement with our challenges determines how confident we are in the accuracy of the level of skill chosen. Based on feedback we provide, developers are able to downgrade their skill level to potentially increase our confidence in their skills, but skill levels will be automatically upgraded if they achieve specific challenge milestones.

Developers have not always had the opportunity to take challenges for every skill, or it may be that we don’t yet have challenges for that particular skill. We will reflect “Insufficient Data” until the developer has attempted enough challenges for us to accurately assign a level of confidence to that skill.
Inviting developers to apply for your role

Inviting a developer to apply for your role is simple. Click on “Invite to Apply” in the top right-hand corner of any developer profile, and confirm the details of your company profile and searchfilters. You then have the option to add an internal job reference ID or provide dates and times for a screening interview. Once complete, just click “Invite” and we will notify you when the developer responds to your invitation.

There is no requirement to offer a date or time for a screening interview, but it has been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of a developer accepting your invitation to apply, and reflects a more genuine interest in learning more about them.

A custom invitation enables you to give potential candidates a sense of what it is like to work at your company by communicating details such as your culture, benefits and tech stack. You can add this information in your company profile which is found in the “Profile” section on the menu, and it will be automatically included in the invitations you send. A great company profile will encourage more developers to apply for your position when invited.

Candidly will immediately notify you by email, and on the home page of profile, when a developer responds to your invitation. You can also view the status of all your invitations in the “Invitations” section on the menu at any time.

Job postings can be difficult to manage and you’re never sure who is (or who is not) going to apply for the role, and is why Candidly does not use job postings. We match you to those developers who have the skills you are looking for, before they apply, eliminating the need to post a job.
Subscribe to Candidly

Simply click on the “Payments” tab on your menu bar and select the type of subscription you want. Once you have completed the payment process your account will be upgraded to the subscription you purchased.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” on the payments page, found at “Payments” on the menu. You will still be able to access your account up to the renewal date, after which the account will no longer include the capability to invite developers to apply. You can purchase a new subscription at any point to immediately re-activate your account.


Your skill level reflects your knowledge of each individual skill you selected. Skill level is determined by the complexity of the question and the number of correct answers you achieved. There are three skill levels:

  • Beginner – You have shown yourself to be proficient in the basic concepts of the skill, but there is room for development across most areas and you would require guidance and mentorship.

  • Intermediate – You have proven to have a good grasp of all aspects of the skill and can be self-sufficient, although there are a few areas where you would benefit from further development.

  • Expert – You have proven that you have an excellent understanding of all aspects of the skill, and demonstrate a high propensity to contribute to technical strategy.

Accuracy reflects the level of confidence we have in your knowledge of each of the specific skills you selected. Each challenge question you complete allows us to further validate your knowledge, increasing our level of confidence in that skill which we reflect to employers.

Your accuracy calculations are focused more on understanding how developed your knowledge of each skill is, and less on what you get correct or incorrect. Our true skills algorithm provides you with the best questions to assess this knowledge based on each of your previous responses.

Position – Your average profile rank in employer searches.

Searches – The number of employer searches you have shown up in.

Views – The number of times your profile has been viewed by an employer.

When an employer finds your profile and wishes to connect with you they will send you an invitation, which includes a brief company profile. You can then choose to accept or decline their invitation based on your interest in working for that employer.

Once you accept the invitation, you will be asked to select an interview time. We will also release your email address to the employer, and their email address to you, so that you both have the ability to take the hiring process forward.

Our challenges are developed to suit your availability, and are designed so you can take them anytime, anywhere.

  • Standard Challenge: If you prefer to take your time and think through your answers, the Standard Challenge allows you to take as much time as you need.

  • Timed Challenge: If you have 3 minutes to spare, take the Timed Challenge. Due to the time pressure, correct answers are given a higher weighting as they are good indicator of your knowledge in those skills. These challenges contribute more to your accuracy.

  • Single Question: Constantly build your profile, even if it’s just taking one question in an elevator, a taxi or waiting for a bus.